Kingdom Seed – FusionWare

If you haven’t played Ben Robbins’ new Kingdom RPG, you’re doing yourself a bit of a disservice. Grab 3-5 of your friends and play it today!

Anyway, I had an idea for a Kingdom seed.  Hopefully it inspires some play and fun!


FusionWare will change the way people interact with their world!

A new tech startup amongst the endless waves of tech startups, FusionWare’s visionary founder and the board of directors are poised to take the company to new heights. At least, that’s what they want the investors to know. The reality of the situation is that FusionWare is gushing money out its unmentionable orifices. Top developers and the perks needed to keep them aren’t cheap, and top talent often has special needs when it comes to ego stroking.

Will we get our product to market? Will our stock options pay off? Will all of our investors abandon ship leaving us to shrivel and die?

 Fusionware is a software company in [Silicon Valley, rubbing elbows with tech giants. | New York, amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city | Los Angeles, keeping up with the hippest in The Industry]
 It’s a great idea for a product, but [it’s hard to monetize | hard to sell to investors].
 Our user base is [wide and varied | small and vocal].
 Wait… what does our product do anyway?

 We need money to offset our burn rate. Or we need to survive long enough to get bought.
 Other tech companies are trying to poach our best and brightest.
 Someone could beat us to market with a competing product.

 The bullpen – An open area where the developers can mingle together and code.
 The break room – Stocked with all the beer, foosball, energy drinks, coffee and snacks a developer could want.
 Kona’s Organic Coffee – The coffee shop down the street. Free wifi.
 The Conference Room – HD Projector, surround sound, full teleconferencing/videopresence setup.
 The Cube Farm – Where developers go/hide when they want a place to call their own.
 Sláinte – The Irish inspired pub across the street.
 The feedback forum – An online forum to answer and address user issues and discuss future product features.

 The Founder – You invented it and got the initial company off the ground. It’s thanks to your hard work that anyone here has a dream to hold on to.
 The CEO – You were chosen by the board to lead Fusionware to be a good return on their investment.
 The Board Member – You were one of the first investors. You believe in this product and want to see it through.
 Developer – You write code.
 UI/UX Designer – You make sure people can use the code.
 QA – You make sure the code works.
 Systems/IT – You keep everyone’s computer equipment running. Probably monitoring and installations too.
 Community Manager – You handle community outreach and support for the product.

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