Mouse Guard, Actual Play, Session 2 (Part 1)

Our heroes, Walmond, Scar, and Nik, traveled to Barkstone to get some answers.

Scar’s map is so good, the trio is mistaken for Guard sympathizers in some sort of organization brewing in the city. They’re told to meet for the big rally at dawn a little ways outside of the town.

Not wishing to be caught unprepared, Walmond decided to lead his patrol to the meeting site to scout out the location.  After smooth talking the guards, they set to scouring the area for information.

In a cache behind the “amphitheater stage” area, the patrol stumbled upon weapons and supplies. Cleverly similar to the Barkstone watch uniforms, these provisions revealed that this organization had the means to do something, but what?  After humiliating the second watch of guards, the patrol decided to sleep until the morning.

Some time in the night, Nik wandered off… (Tim was away on business), and a new Patrol Mouse wandered in… is using WP-Gravatar