My Life is Weird

Sometimes I think about running an urban conspiracy/horror game like Unknown Armies or Esoterrorists. The thing that holds me back most of the time, though, is that I doubt my own abilities to keep the story moving and interesting. Ideas are hard to come

Lately, though, I’ve been seeing some signs of the occult underground seeping through into my day-to-day life.

  • The Notebook – On my walk back from lunch, I found a small notebook lying on the ground.  It had obviously been run over by a few cars, and it was a little worse for wear.  Inside were cryptic statements like “For Bolthouse: You need a PA system!”, “Also SD water dept asked to check canyon water. Toxic!”, “Medicare broke in 2017”.
  • The Letter – A few days ago, I received a letter addressed to my apartment but not to me. The sender was the church of scientology. I threw the letter away, but what if they’re watching me now?
  • The Shouting Man – Every day, at around 3pm or so, a man walks down our street shouting obscenities to himself. Why does he do it? Why does he get quiet and “normal” when he’s within a few feet of other people?
  • The Upended Van – On my way home on a wet evening, I was traveling up Torrey Pines Road when I saw a van laying on its side on the shoulder.  It did not appear to be damaged and its hazards were on.  Where were the people involved? What caused the van to tip over on an uphill road?

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